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Technical Details
Category:  Knitted 
Style: Jacquard Scarf - Gigantic / Ulta-Long
Yarn: Acrylic
Size: 30cm wide x 15m+ long & fringes
Colours: Custom designed to your requirements
Comments: As used for PR / media / soccer / corporate / promotional / special events / advertisements.  The ultra long scarf can be made up of many (e.g.300!) individual fringeless scarves...with each scarf joined to the next scarf by a limited number of stitches. This means that the individual scarves can be separated out afterwards by cutting the joining stitches and distributed once the promotional event is over. This is the perfect idea for a sponsor who wants to promote a company logo and name within a crowd and then (for example) give out the individual scarves to the winners of a competition after the event.
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